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Changing products

We have a range of mortgage deals available for our existing mortgage customers which can be viewed by using our online service:

Online Mortgage Transfer Service

If your client is looking for a new mortgage deal with us you can transfer their existing mortgage online through Introducer Internet.

Using our Online Mortgage Transfer Service you can:

  •  Identify which loans are eligible to transfer.
  • Immediately compare the mortgage deals available.
  • Submit transfer requests online.

You will be kept up to date with the progress of the transfer by email. Your client will also receive emails and text messages on the progress of their transfer.

To access our Online Mortgage Transfer Service you will need: 

  • Your client’s permission to use the tool.
  • To provide them with an advised level of service to use the tool.

We do not pay a procuration fee for this business. However, as per new business, you will have the option to charge your client a fee.

You will be able to transfer your client to a new deal online if their mortgage:

  •  Has at least one loan part which is within four months of their existing deal end date, or
  • Has at least one loan part which has recently moved onto either the Santander or Alliance & Leicester Standard Variable Rate.
  • Has no more than five loan parts (no more than one for Alliance & Leicester). 
  • Has more than five years and six months remaining and more than £6,500 on all loan parts.

You will not be able to transfer your client to a new deal online if:

  •  They want to make changes to their mortgage term, repayment method or loan amount. 
  • Their property is let, or they have a Flexible Offset Mortgage.
  • The Interest Only balance on their mortgage is equal to or more than 50% LTV (according to our property valuation).

We regularly review our eligibility criteria and may make changes in the future. If your client is not eligible for our Online Mortgage Transfer Service then your dedicated sales contact can provide you with details of indicative mortgage rates available to your client, as long as you have your their authority to discuss this.

Our rates change regularly and will have a variety of fee and rate options; we will always quote the best products available to your client when you call.

If your client requires specific information regarding their mortgage account, or if they wish to proceed with a new deal, we will need to speak directly to them. Please advise them to call 0800 092 3881. This is a customer only line.

Online Mortgage Transfer User Guides

For more information click on the links below:

Online Mortgage Transfer Overview 
Online Mortgage Transfer Service user guide 
Online Mortgage Transfer Service FAQs

Changing products with a Track and Fix mortgage

Speak to your dedicated contact if your client has a mortgage with a Track and Fix feature (“U” prefix), and they want to switch to a fixed rate early without incurring an Early Repayment Charge. A booking fee may be applicable on the new fixed product.