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Mortgage FAQs

How do I register to do business with you?

It’s easy to register to do business with us. Please go to the registration process and follow the simple steps.

How do you keep me up-to-date about how much I’m paid?

You'll receive weekly and year-to-date procuration fee statements in line with the payments you receive. These statements are issued the week after the payment sent on a Thursday. If you are an Appointed Representative your statement is issued via your principal company.

What should I do if there is a problem with my Procuration fee?

You should contact the intermediary payments team on 0141 275 8833.

What is your Standard Variable rate (SVR)?

Abbey's SVR is currently 4.74%

A&L's SVR is currently 4.99%

What is acceptable ID to Santander?

Please refer to section 5 of the current version of the JMLSG guidance. Section 5.3.7 relates to identification of individuals. Santander’s ID requirements are aligned with JMLSG requirements and all applications must meet these criteria. We reserve the right to request additional ID if required.

Who can I contact if I have a query about the products?

You should phone your Sales team.

Is there a collar on your Tracker Rate mortgages?

Our Tracker Rate and Flexible Offset mortgages have a minimum rate of 0.0001%

What happens if my clients want a lower mortgage amount when they move?

If your client’s new mortgage is for a smaller amount than the existing one, any Early Repayment Charge which applies will be based on the difference between the two mortgages.