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Essential cookies

These cookies are essential for the running of our website and Online Banking. This type of cookie cannot be disabled for the following reasons:

  • they allow us to remember your cookie preferences;
  • they allow us to operate Online Banking; and
  • they allow us to see if something isn't working properly, so we can fix it quickly
Cookie name Where from? What it does/Why it's used
SID – Session cookie So information entered won't be forgotten from page to page and prevent the need to re-enter information each time
sfiCookiePreference Keeps track of your cookie preferences so remove need to update every visit.
SFI_cookie To hide the Cookie Message from future visits otherwise the Cookie message will show to returning visitors every time they come to the site

Experience and insight cookies

These cookies and pixels help us to make sure you have the best possible experience on our website: 

  • they help us to make the website easier to use and help you find what you need more easily;
  • they help us to test and improve the content you see; and
  • we can understand if you found out
Cookie name Where from? What it does/Why it's used
Google Analytics
__utmb Allows us to identify ways to improve our service otherwise we won't be able to identify new ways to improve our service