Santander will not tolerate the use of bribery in any aspect of its business. We are committed to meeting the expectations of applicable anti-bribery legislation in the markets and jurisdictions in which we operate, including (but not limited to) the UK's Bribery Act 2010, consistent with our policy of promoting and maintaining an ethical business culture. Santander expects its employees and third parties with whom it conducts business to comply fully with this expectation when performing any form of service on our behalf.

Gifts and hospitality offered and received must always be of an appropriate nature and for a legitimate business purpose. Santander expects that all third parties with whom it does business with to have their own Gifts and Hospitality processes in place including a policy and appropriate staff training.

As a guide, Santander UK has adopted the following principles

Generally acceptable situations:

  • Giving and receiving in a transparent and proportionate fashion to help build and maintain business relationships.
  • Accompanied hospitality to celebrate a transaction.
  • Low value gifts presented as a thank you or to celebrate the season (e.g. Christmas or New Year).

Be wary of the following situations:

  • Any expectation that the giving and receiving of any gift, service or hospitality raises in terms of behaviour, past, present and future. If you are the recipient, consider declining or returning the gift or refusing the hospitality.
  • Making gifts, providing services or hospitality to a government official or to their friends and family
  • Your need to ‘rationalise’ the making or receipt of gifts/hospitality and of any request for a favour.

Never do any of the following:

  • Give or accept any cash.
  • Give gifts to Public Officials.
  • Give or accept gifts, services or hospitality directly or indirectly in exchange for an improper business favour.
  • Expect anyone to bend their company’s or governmental rules in exchange for a gift, service or hospitality.
  • Wrongly describe any gift, service or hospitality in accounts, expenses or otherwise.
  • Make gifts or give services and hospitality in jurisdictions where this is prohibited.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding Anti-Bribery and Corruption, please contact the Santander UK Central ABC Team