Important lending policy and service changes

We’ve increased the maximum loan amount and LTVs for residential non-new build flats and made some changes to the way you and your clients pay fees.

Residential non-new build flats 

Maximum LTV  Loan amount  What's changed? 
95% Up to and including £380,000 Previously the maximum loan amount was up to and including £350,000
90% Over £380,000 and up to and including £570,000 Previously loans over £350,000 and up to and including £570,000 were up to 85% LTV 
85% Over £570,000 and up to and including £1,000,000 No change
75% Over £1,000,000 No change

We’re not making any changes to new build or Buy to Let flat lending policy.

Paying product or valuation fees by credit or debit card

We’ve made some changes to the way you and your clients pay product fees (if being paid upfront) or valuation fees (if charged):

  • On Introducer Internet > Full Mortgage Application > Submission form > Fee payments screen has been updated to show the fees that will be charged. Instead of capturing payment details, we’ll tell you that you or your client will need to phone us on 0800 085 1390 to pay the valuation fee or product fee.
  • Once you’ve submitted the application, if fees have been charged, we’ll display a message to tell you the telephone number and reconfirm that we won’t be able to process the application until the payment is made.

Further help and support

Our website and lending criteria have been updated to reflect these changes.