We’re making some changes to our new business mortgage range

On Tuesday 30 October 2018 we’re increasing selected residential 2 and 5 year fixed rate products at 70% and 75% LTV as well as increasing a Buy to Let (BTL) 2 year fixed rate at 60% LTV. We’re also increasing the product fee to £999 from £499 on selected 90% LTV products.

Increased product fee - residential fixed rate products (purchase and remortgages)

  • 90% LTV 2 year fixed rate 1.99% with £999 product fee (previously £499).
  • 90% LTV 5 year fixed rate 2.49% with £999 product fee (previously £499).

Residential fixed rate increases (purchase and remortgage)

  • 70% LTV Large Loan 5 year fixed rate 2.09% with £1999 product fee. Rate increased by 0.10%.
  • 75% LTV 5 year fixed rate 2.04% with £999 product fee. Rate increased by 0.05%.

BTL fixed rate increase (purchase and remortgage)

  • 60% LTV 2 year fixed rate 1.69% with £1499 fee. Rate increased by 0.15%.

Further information

  • Product early repayment charges may apply, plus any benefit package cashback or paid standard legal fees
  • Charge and benefit end dates and the completion deadlines on our range will move on
  • Fixed product codes will be replaced
  • Full applications on all amended products must be submitted by midnight on Monday 29 October 2018 in order to secure a booking on these products.

For full details of our mortgage range please see the Rate Bulletin (Issue 18) which will be available on our website on Tuesday 30 October 2018.