On hold valuations - cases requiring a physical property inspection

England only

Our valuation partners will aim to contact your client or the property owner by Friday 29 May to arrange a valuation date and carry out an initial safety assessment for all applications where the valuation was placed on hold, due to a physical property inspection being required. We anticipate most valuations will be carried out before Wednesday 10 June.

Valuations will be done in chronological order, with the oldest applications booked in first. Please tell us urgently via a MATS message if your client’s case is no longer proceeding.

Once the valuation has been booked, we’ll send you a MATS message to let you know. Please be aware that receiving a valuation booking date may take longer than usual as our valuation partners need to conduct a detailed government safety assessment as part of the booking process.

Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Following the latest Government advice, our valuation partners are still unable to inspect properties at this time.

Where we can check the property value without needing to enter the property, we’ll continue to do this.

Thank you for your continued support and patience during this time whilst the industry adapts to new ways of working, ensuring all parties are safe.