Valuations - physical property inspections

From Monday 29 June all housing markets will be open for physical property inspections. Our valuation partners will be in touch with your clients or the property owners to book appointments.

In addition to the above:

  • Social distancing will be respected and requested at the property to help ensure the safety of the property occupier and the valuer.
  • Valuers will ask your client or the property owner if they have any coronavirus symptoms, or if they are a risk. If they are, the inspection will be postponed until it is safe to continue.
  • The valuers reserve the right to refuse entry to a property for a physical inspection if it is felt unsafe to do so.
  • The valuers will make it clear in any reports about areas which they were unable to inspect due to public health limitations.

If you're aware that an application is no longer proceeding, please notify us via a MATS message to avoid unnecessary risk to our valuers.

Please note where we can validate the property value without needing to enter the property, this will continue as normal.