New self-employed evidence requirements

From Sunday 8 November, we’ll now be asking for additional evidence requirements for self-employed applications.

Self-employed applications over 75% LTV

In addition to our existing evidence requirements, we’ll now be asking for three months’ business bank statements for all self-employed applications over 75% LTV. The most recent bank statement must not be more than 30 days before the date of the application and should evidence that the business is healthy, trading at the expected level, and showing no signs of financial pressure.

Limited company directors

We’ll now ask for an accountant’s certificate to assess the performance of the business and income for all limited company director applications below 90% LTV. Please use the most recent accountant's certificate available on our website.

Further information

All full mortgage applications submitted on Introducer Internet from 6am on Sunday 8 November, will be assessed on our updated self-employed income policy.