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Important changes to Introducer Internet


On Monday 27th February, we are making some important changes to the way we capture customer monthly expenditure on Introducer Internet. These changes will help us obtain additional information based on the customer’s view of their actual monthly expenditure and we will then use this to assess affordability.

At AIP, we have changed the Income and commitment breakdown screen to capture details of the customer’s expenditure both Regular and Non Regular. You must enter realistic information into these boxes. Entering zeros in these fields will lead to a decline decision.

We will also have updated our affordability calculator on to capture Regular and Non regular expenditure.

At the same time, we are also making some further changes to collect more information up front, allowing us to reduce the amount of cases we pend for outstanding information, which in turn will help us process cases faster.

  • Details of anyone over 17 residing in the property
  • Details of private sales 
  • Details of deposits

As normal any existing AIPs must be converted to an FMA by midnight on Saturday 25th February. After this time, the new fields on the AIP screens will need to be populated.

Until further notice, where you Print FMA and give a copy to the customer, please ensure you also provide them with this insert, which is available on our website under customer forms.