Additional borrowing

We offer additional loans up to 85% LTV, unless it is to buy an additional share or interest in a property e.g. shared ownership staircasing or repaying a Help to Buy: equity loan in full, where we can lend up to 90% LTV.

All additional loan applications will be subject to a full affordability assessment and proof of income will be needed. 

Additional loans are offered on an advised or non-advised basis.

Please note we don’t offer additional loans if the customer has a Buy to Let or consent to let mortgage.

If your client wishes to take out an additional loan and they’d like advice, they can visit their local Santander branch or call:

Santander      0800 092 3881

Alliance & Leicester  0800 051 1595

These are customer only telephone numbers.

If your client doesn’t want advice and they have access to Santander online banking, they can get an instant decision in principle and apply for an additional loan online.

Flexible Offset mortgages

For existing Santander Flexible Offset mortgage customers, we agreed a credit limit with them when they originally applied.

If your client has available funds on their Flexible Offset mortgage, they will be able to drawdown these funds up to their agreed limit. 

If your client wishes to increase their Flexible Offset mortgage credit limit, they may be able to do so, up to a maximum LTV of 75%, subject to lending criteria. They'll need to phone 0800 092 3881. This is a customer only telephone number.

Interest only mortgages and additional loans

Existing borrowers where any existing loan part is on an interest only basis will be considered for an additional loan where:

  • the total lending does not exceed 75% LTV.
  • the interest only part of the loan does not exceed 50% LTV.
  • sale of property is the repayment vehicle, a £150,000 buffer is needed.

The whole loan is subject to standard new business lending criteria.

Also known as further advance and home improvement loan (HILs).