How to use Introducer Internet

Introducer Internet is our application system where you can get an agreement in principle (AIP), mortgage illustration and submit a full mortgage application (FMA) as well as track the progress of your cases. It also provides a tailored checklist of our evidence requirements at AIP and FMA.

Getting started

You’ll need to register with us before you can submit business. You can also request to register your mortgage administrator(s).

If you don’t know your log on details, call our Introducer Internet Registrations Team on 0141 275 7900.

How to submit an application

  • View our pdf guides below for more information on how to submit an application on Introducer Internet.

Help and support

For technical support contact our Introducer Internet help desk on 0800 085 1198.

Your dedicated contact will provide help and support with any queries you may have.

User guides