Helping you get a quicker offer

To help make submitting your application a quick and easy process, here’s some simple tips to keep your cases moving.

We’ve broken down the tips into two categories:

  1. How to get a more accurate affordability calculation. Our affordability calculator tips are listed in the same order as the process you’ll follow when completing an affordability calculation.
  2. Simple checks to help speed up your mortgage application. Our case packaging tips highlight the most common reasons your cases are delayed.

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Affordability calculator tips

Tips for a more accurate affordability calculator output

Always use our affordability calculator before you start the application in Introducer Internet.

  • Find out how much we could lend, taking account of your client’s financial circumstances.
  • The summary page on step 4 displays the amount we could lend with the option to view and save a summary of the information you've entered.
Step 1 - application details
  • Completing this section helps to provide a more accurate loan amount and packaging requirements on the summary page in step four.

  • Where your client has other properties in the background, we recommend that you enter these details into step 1B. We may need to take into account the running costs of the other properties so this will help us to calculate a more accurate result. If you decide not to provide these details the calculated loan amount may be higher than what we can offer.

Step 2 - income
  • Each lender treats income differently. You can check which income types we’ll consider as primary (100%) and secondary (50%) in the residential lending criteria.

  • Input all payslip deductions. Some deductions are discretionary and may be excluded provided the applicant confirms they can be cancelled in the future if needed. For more information view our payslip guide.

  • Make sure your case is packaged with full proof of income. Check our evidence requirements guide to find out what you need to send us.

Step 3 - commitments and expenditure
  • For retained properties:

    • if there’s a shortfall you’ll need to enter this in non-regular monthly expenditure under the ‘Costs in respect to retained properties’ field.

    • any surplus can be used as income. Input in step two under secondary income > rental income. Surplus income must be evidenced across three months’ bank statements.

  • Input all financial commitments, including any that are being cleared. For credit cards we’ll use the higher of 3% or the monthly payment that you input.

  • Check bank statements carefully to see if there are any undisclosed commitments. Remember we only need to see bank statements if we ask for them.

Case packaging tips

Here’s 10 simple checks to help speed up your mortgage application

To help us process your case as quickly as possible, package all documents together and upload to us straight away via Introducer Internet and/or the Mortgage Application Tracking System (MATS).

1.  Solicitor details

Input correctly in Introducer Internet > full mortgage application > property to be purchased > solicitor details. You won't be able to proceed without providing this information.

2.  Interest only applications where sale of property is the repayment method 

Immediately upload a signed interest only sale of mortgaged property customer declaration via Introducer Internet and/or MATS following submission of the mortgage application.

  • You'll find the declaration in Introducer Internet FMA > loan required > repayment strategy > repayment vehicle - sale of property. The applicant names and case reference number will prepopulate in the pdf so your clients just need to sign and date the form.

  • Alternatively you can find the form on our website under literature > application forms and declarations > interest only sale of mortgaged property customer declaration.

3.  Capital raising
  • Remember to provide a full breakdown detailing the use of funds in the general notes section in Introducer Internet > full mortgage application > submission form > regulation.

4.  Proof of deposit

We may ask for proof of deposit, for example where a first time buyer is putting down a large deposit.

  • We'll ALWAYS ask for proof where the deposit is £100,000 or more and it’s not coming from the simultaneous sale of an existing property.

  • Please provide evidence in Introducer Internet > new application > loan required > loan details.

For gifted deposits

  • In Introducer Internet please detail the full name(s) of the person providing the gift, amount of gift, relationship to applicant, and any legal interest to remain (including second charge).

For more information view our proof of deposit guide or our residential lending criteria.

5.  Evidence of identity

If we ask for proof of identity to support the application, complete the confirmation of verification of identity form and upload it via Introducer Internet and/or MATS straightaway.

  • You can find this form under literature > application forms and declarations.

6.  Mortgage product code

Check the mortgage product code is valid and still available.

7. Help to Buy: equity loan scheme applications
  • Upload a copy of the Authority to Proceed (ATP) document via Introducer Internet and/or MATS. We need this before the case can be assessed by an Underwriter.

8. Payment details 

Double check that these are submitted and validated to cover any valuation and/or product fees.

9.  Applications from foreign nationals 

Applications over 75% LTV must be supported by evidence of the permanent right to remain in the UK.

  • This should be submitted as part of the case packaging via Introducer Internet and/or MATS.

  • Where proof of residency is required, we’ll accept a utility bill if the applicant does not show on the voter’s roll.

For more information on our criteria visit products and criteria > residential lending criteria > foreign nationals.

10.  Right to Buy applications 
  • Submit the right to buy/acquire papers immediately via Introducer internet and/or MATS following submission of the mortgage application.

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