Tracking an application

Our Mortgage Application Tracking System (MATS) keeps you up to date with the progress of your client’s application up to the point of completion. It is fully integrated into Introducer Internet giving you a simple summary of all your cases. You can also view copies of your uploaded documents and notes.

Keeping up to date

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of your pipeline mortgage applications with:

  • regular email updates when your client’s application reaches key milestones, and
  • daily progress summaries giving you the opportunity to view up to date information on all your cases.

We’ll also send you an email requesting outstanding information if needed. This will ensure we process your client’s application as quickly as possible.

Always make sure that your email address and/or any copy email addresses are included in the application.

Service Tracking and Reporting System (STARS)

If you’re using one of our panel law firms you’ll have access to our Service Tracking and Reporting System (STARS). It’s an easy to use system that’s designed to help you:

  • keep up to date with the progress of your client’s remortgage application;
  • look at individual cases and their current status; and
  • see the contact details of the law firm handling your client’s remortgage and any notes the law firm have added.

Accessing STARS

To access STARS, please login here.

  • Your log on is your introducer code and a password.
  • This code must be in upper case and must not contain any spaces, e.g. PUVG123456789.
  • The first time you log on you’ll need to use your introducer code as your password. You’ll then be prompted to choose a new password. Please note this is case sensitive.

View our reference guide for more information on accessing and using STARS.