Buy to Let

Our wide range of Buy to Let mortgages gives your clients a choice of different products, LTVs and product fees as well as:

  • Free standard valuation up to a property value of £2.5m - available on all products.
  • Plus either standard legal fees paid (and free checking of the Tenancy Agreement e.g. Assured Shorthold Tenancy) or £250 cashback for Buy to Let remortgages. Early repayment charges apply.

Please see our key criteria, affordability and property criteria details below or alternatively, you can use our quick Buy to Let guide.

Key criteria

All Buy to Let properties need to meet the following criteria:

  • At least one applicant must own the residential property which they live in. 
  • At least one applicant must have a minimum income of £25,000. 
  • Maximum loan size £750,000.
  • Minimum property value £75,000.
  • Maximum LTV 75%; new build flats 70% LTV.
  • Remortgage with capital raising (including debt consolidation) for personal use up to 75% LTV.


Our Buy to Let calculator confirms the maximum we may be able to lend. All Buy to Let properties must meet our minimum rental cover at the Buy to Let affordability rate on an interest only basis:

Application type

Rental cover

Buy to Let affordability rate

At least one applicant's income tax band is 20% or less1

All applicants’ income tax bands are higher than 20%

Less than 5 year products

5 year fixed

Purchase or remortgages with capital raising





(no porting)

Remortgages without capital raising (£4£)         





1The income tax band selected should take into account profit on rental income for all properties that the applicant will own on completion.

For Limited Company Directors please use their highest tax band payable to ensure all income is included. For more information on income tax bands please visit

The property being mortgaged with Santander must be self-financing so the rent must cover both 100% of the mortgage payment at the higher of our Buy to Let affordability rate, product rate or Santander's Follow-on Rate (based on the chosen repayment method) plus monthly running costs.

Property criteria

Purchase and remortgage applications must meet our property criteria on completion of the new mortgage:

Maximum number of mortgaged let properties with any lender


Maximum number of let properties

10 (of which a maximum of three can be mortgaged)

Portfolio landlords

We define portfolio landlords as an applicant(s) owning four or more mortgaged let properties (including holiday lets) on completion of the new Buy to Let property with us, whether it's on their own, with anyone else or in a limited company or LLP where the applicant(s) owns an interest.

We only consider portfolio landlords if the application is a remortgage without capital raising (£4£). For these applicants, the application must meet the following property criteria on completion of the new mortgage:

Maximum number of mortgaged let properties with Santander


Maximum number of let properties (mortgaged and mortgage-free)


We don't accept portfolio landlords for new purchase applications or remortgages with capital raising. 

Buy to Let calculator

Check whether the rent meets our minimum rental cover and whether the property is self-financing.

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Buy to Let criteria

View and search our Buy to Let lending criteria

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Introducer Internet guide

Shows you how to submit a new Buy to Let application on Introducer Internet

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