Buy to Let

We want to make it simple and easy for you to get the right Buy to Let deal for your client.

  • Mortgages available up to 75% LTV.
  • Free standard valuation up to a property value of £2.5m - available on all products.
  • Plus £250 cashback when your client remortgages their Buy to Let to us. Early repayment charges apply.
  • Flat fee, percentage fee and no booking fee options.

How much could my client borrow?

All Buy to Let properties need to meet the following criteria:

  • Our minimum rental cover at the Buy to Let affordability rate on an interest only basis:
Application type up to 75% LTV Minimum rental cover Buy to Let affordability rate
BTL purchase 145% 5.50%
BTL remortgage with capital raising 145% 5.50%
BTL remortgage without capital raising (meets eligibility criteria for transitional arrangements below)  125% 5.00%


  • We apply 125% rental cover at a 5.00% affordability rate on BTL remortgages without capital raising under transitional arrangements where the following criteria are met:
    • New BTL remortgage application must not capital raise (adding product fees is allowed)
    • BTL property must have been purchased before 1 January 2017
    • No additional BTL lending has been taken on or after 1 January 2017.
  • We do not accept remortgage applications without capital raising that do not meet the above criteria.
  • 100% of the mortgage payment at the higher of our Buy to Let affordability rate, product rate or SVR (based on the chosen repayment method) plus monthly running costs.

Key criteria

  • At least one applicant must own the residential property which they live in.
  • At least one applicant must be employed or self-employed.
  • Maximum loan size £750,000.
  • Minimum property value £75,000 (no maximum).
  • Maximum LTV 75%; new build flats 70% LTV.
  • Buy to Let remortgage with capital raising (including debt consolidation) for personal use up to 75% LTV.

Income and property criteria

Minimum income of highest earning borrower
At applicationAt completion
Max number of secured credit commitmentsMax let properties with SantanderMax let properties in total
(any lender)
£25,000 4 4 4
£50,000 10 5 7

Mortgage Credit Directive and Buy to Let mortgages

The Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD), effective 21 March 2016, introduces a legislative framework for Consumer Buy to Let (CBTL). This covers the small number of Buy to Lets where the borrower has not entered into the mortgage contract for business/investment purposes.

Buy to Let mortgages for business/investment purposes are not covered by the new MCD rules. This type of mortgage will be known as Investment Buy to Let.

Our approach

  • We’ll offer both Investment BTL and CBTL mortgages.
  • We’ll continue to use the same lending policy, rental coverage calculation and products for both.

View our helpful guide for more information on Investment and Consumer Buy to Let mortgages.

Buy to Let calculator

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