Large loans

Our dedicated Large Loans Underwriting Team provides you with a tailored service to meet your clients’ needs for residential loans over £1 million.

  • For loans over £1 million and up to £2 million our maximum LTV is 75%.
  • For loans over £2 million and up to £3 million our maximum LTV is 70%.
  • For loans over £3 million our maximum LTV is 60%. 

For loans over £3 million, please contact our Large Loans Underwriting Team to discuss the suitability of
your proposition. 

At Agreement in Principle (AIP), all brokers will receive a call from their dedicated underwriter to discuss the AIP and specific requirements. All AIPs submitted through Introducer Internet will be considered and responded to within four business hours.

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Reasons to choose us

  • Direct access to our large loan underwriters
  • Retained profits for affordability can be considered
  • Deferred shares will be accepted where the income is supported by a track record
  • School fees can be omitted from the affordability calculation where evidence of current savings can be provided to cover
  • Properties larger than 10 acres can be considered e.g. when in the right location with marketability
  • Up to 75% LTV for interest only residential applications.

Please contact our Large Loans Underwriting Team to discuss the suitability of your proposition.

How to contact our Underwriting Team

Our Large Loans Underwriting Team is available to help with:

  • new business enquiries for loans above £1 million
  • agreements in principles submitted through Introducer Internet
  • underwriting support from enquiry stage to offer.

They're available during the following times:

Monday to Thursday   9am to 5pm

Friday           10.30am to 5pm

Call them on 0800 085 1359 or send an email to

Please continue to contact your Admin team or Support Team for all other queries, including case update, product fee queries and documentation requests.


For affordability purposes we’ll accept taxable income declared in the UK. 

For proof of income we require the following:

  • Basic salary:
    - Last payslip or;
    - last four weeks’ payslips.

  • Monthly bonus, commission or overtime
    - latest three months’ payslips or;
    - four weeks’ consecutive payslips, along with one payslip from each of the previous two months identifying the payments.

  • Bonus paid less frequently than monthly
    - Appropriate payslips identifying the bonus payments over the last two years.

  • Deferred shares
    - Compensation statements covering last three years 
    - Evidence of the current value of the portfolio (both vested and unvested).


For loans up to and including £2 million:

  • Account’s certificate or;
  • Last two years’ SA302s or fully completed tax calculations plus corresponding Tax Year Overviews, together with 2 years signed certified accounts.

For loans over £2 million:

  • Last two years signed certified accounts.

Further information / confirmation from accountants may be needed if the client’s income isn’t immediately apparent from the accounts and/or the income is from multiple sources.

Minority partners in LLPs
  • A letter from the Senior Partner/Finance Partner addressed to Santander detailing the client’s share of profit for each of the last three years.

For more details of our standard income documentation requirements, please refer to our evidence requirements guide.

Additional evidence needed:

All applications

Statement of Assets and Liabilities (details should be captured in Introducer Internet). Alternatively, you can use our Statements of Assets and Liabilities form.

Remortgage applications with capital raising Full details of how the funds are to be used. We may request additional supporting documents/information.
Interest only mortgages Please provide an Interest Only – Sale of Mortgaged Property Customer Declaration for all interest only mortgage applications. 
Background properties We will need to consider other properties in the background as part of our affordability calculation. Details should be captured in Introducer Internet.
Nursery, school, college or university fees

Evidence of savings available will be required to cover fees if not included in the monthly committed expenditure field in Introducer Internet.


Our large loan products are available for loans up to £3 million.

For loans over £3 million please contact the Admin Team on 0800 085 1390.

Large loan service levels

Agreement in Principle response within 4 hours 
Response to telephone and email queries within 4 hours