New build

Specialist support to help you

We’re committed to supporting the new build market and helping your clients buy their new build home.

We understand you’re often up against challenging timescales when it comes to new build. That’s why we have a dedicated team of New Build Specialists to help keep your cases moving.

How our New Build Team can help

Our New Build Specialists will work closely with you to ensure your cases complete on time. They’ll:

  • manage pipeline cases that can’t be dealt with through your usual dedicated sales contact,
  • escalate and take ownership of any urgent cases, and
  • deal with any complex new business enquiries.

For all general new business enquiries please continue to speak to your dedicated contact.

Key criteria


We define new build as any of the following:

  • Property built/converted within the last 12 months based on the date of the completion certificate.

Additionally, where the build or conversion was completed more than 12 months ago, new build policy applies where the property:

  • has not been previously occupied (for converted properties that means since the conversion was completed); or
  • is being sold/marketed by the builder or developer and has not been occupied as a residential property*; or
  • has not been previously used for residential purposes e.g. within a development that was once used for commercial or other use.

* Properties where the builder/developer purchased from an owner under part exchange offer and is now selling are not new builds. We cannot accept these where sold with sales incentives.


New build LTVs



Buy to Let

  Standard residential  Help to Buy: equity loan Shared Ownership
House 85% 75% 
(gives a total of 95% LTV when combined with 20% equity loan)
85% 75%
Flat 80% 80% 70%

New build warranty

We'll accept a new build property if it’s built under an approved scheme in accordance with requirements in the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders’ Handbook in the ‘New Properties – Building Standards Indemnity Schemes’ section. The schemes we accept include:

  • NHBC Buildmark
  • ABC+ Warranty
  • Premier Guarantee (New Homes; Self Build; Completed Housing)
  • BLP (Building Life Plans) residential housing warranty insurance (BLP Secure; BLP Secure Plus)
  • One Guarantee
  • BOPAS (Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme)
  • LABC Warranty (New Homes; Self Build; Completed Housing)
  • Build Zone 10 year warranty (New Home; Self Build; Completed Housing; Basic)
  • Checkmate New Home Warranty (Castle 10; Knight 10)
  • Build Assure New Homes 10 year structural Defects Insurance
  • Global Home Warranties 10 year Structural Defect Insurance
  • Q Assure Build (Q Policy for Residential Properties)
  • Advantage (AHCI Latent Defects Insurance Policy)
  • Aedis Structural Warranties (New Build 10; Self Build 10)
  • International Construction Warranties (ICW Residential New Build UK)
  • Protek (New Home; Custom Build; Self Build; Completed Housing)
  • Ark Residential New Build Latent Defects Scheme.

We also accept a Professional Consultants Certificate for single properties or small development of up to 10 units. This must meet UKFL requirements.

Offer validity

We have products that are valid for nine months whilst our standard mortgage offers are valid for six months from date of issue or up to the product completion deadline, whichever comes first. Therefore, we'll consider an offer extension subject to the following:

  • Any necessary supporting documentation is updated and resubmitted.
  • We're notified of any change in circumstances.
  • The case is re-decisioned and is still acceptable to us in line with our current mortgage lending policy.
  • A new credit search and affordability assessment.
  • A new product will need to be selected if completion deadline has expired.
  • An updated property valuation.

Acceptable incentives

Builders may offer sales incentives to prospective buyers to encourage them to purchase their properties. An incentive is anything the builder gives or provides to the buyer in cash or goods. The table below shows the incentives we will and won't accept.

Incentive Standard New Build Help to Buy: equity loan scheme
Cash or cashback up to 5% of the purchase price (can include retail vouchers)

Legal fees

Reasonable fees for the purchase

Combined amount must not be more than 5% of the purchase price

Stamp duty paid (no financial limit)

Combined amount must not be more than 5% of the purchase price

Estate agent's fees

Value included as part of the 5% cash

Combined amount must not be more than 5% of the purchase price

Carpets and curtains
White goods/fitted furniture
Vouchers (provided they're in keeping with the value of the property)

Builder Option Vouchers only which allow upgrades to fixtures and fittings that are in line with the property.

Builder Option Vouchers only which allow upgrades to fixtures and fittings that are in line with the property.

Deposit paid by seller

Value included as part of the 5% cash

Part exchange

Mortgage subsidies or rental subsidy on shared ownership

Value included as part of the 5% cash

Guaranteed rental income

Value included as part of the 5% cash

Show home with non-fitted furniture

Free standing furniture (e.g. TV, lamps, mirrors)

Removal fees

Value included as part of the 5% cash



Please note, we don't accept new build applications where any part of the applicant's deposit will be raised from an unsecured personal loan which is subsidised by a builder or developer.

How to contact the New Build Team

Telephone   0800 085 1329


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