Product transfers

If your client is looking for a new residential or Buy to Let (BTL) mortgage deal with us, it’s quick and easy to transfer their existing Santander mortgage using our online mortgage transfer service. All you need to do is have your client’s permission to log on using their personal details and provide them with an advised level of service.

If your clients have any queries about their product transfer, it’s important that they speak to you directly rather than call Santander.

Please note once your client has accepted the offer, they won’t be able to cancel the transfer, request another mortgage deal or make any other changes to their mortgage until their new deal has started.


Product transfer rates

Our product transfer rates are bespoke to your client so you won't be able to find them on any sourcing systems, you’ll need to log on to our online mortgage transfer service. New deals are available online four months before product maturity.

Switch early

If your client's new rate is the same or lower, they can switch early up to four months before the current deal ends ERC free (if applicable) saving your client money sooner.


Our residential and BTL eligibility criteria are below.

Which mortgage accounts are eligible?

Which mortgage accounts are NOT eligible?

Outstanding balance of £1,000 or more is available to transfer; and Combined outstanding balance available to transfer is less than £1,000
Within four months of product maturity; or Any loan part with a term less than 2 years and 6 months
On a product with no ERC (excluding Flexible Offset); or Flexible Offset mortgages
Already on either Santander's Follow-on Rate or Santander's Standard Variable Rate.

Residential mortgages with an interest only loan part over 55% LTV (based on Santander's valuation). 

Please note: Buy to Let is not impacted by this rule.


Alliance & Leicester mortgages

  • If your client wants to make a change to their mortgage term, method of repayment or loan amount, please contact our Retention Support Team to discuss timescales and all of the options available to your client. Your client will need to call us directly on 0800 092 3881 to make any changes.
  • If your client has already started the process of moving home or is thinking about moving home in the next six months, they're not eligible for a product transfer. Please view our moving home page.
  • Similarly, if your client has already started the process, or they’re thinking of selling their property or remortgaging to another lender in the next six months, they’re not eligible for a product transfer.
  • If your client isn’t eligible for our online mortgage transfer service then your dedicated contact can provide you with details of indicative mortgage rates available on that day, as long as you have their authority to discuss this. We’ll always provide details of all the products available to your client when you call.

Benefits for you and your client

Benefits for you

  • Procuration fee paid on residential and Buy to Let product transfers
  • No further income or affordability assessments
  • Case tracking updates by email at each key stage – to you and your client
  • Dedicated support to help with your queries.

Benefits for your client

  • No affordability or income checks;
  • No legal or valuation fees to pay; and
  • No new Direct Debits to set up.

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How to contact the Retention Support Specialists

Telephone: 0800 032 7865

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