Shared Ownership

All Shared Ownership customers can access our standard new business range (excluding Help to Buy).

Key criteria

  • Shared Ownership rent must be included as a non-regular expenditure item in our affordability calculator to help us give a more accurate indication of how much your client could borrow.
  • The maximum LTV for standard shared ownership applications is 90%. This may be subject to property-related LTV restrictions (e.g. new build properties where the LTV is restricted to 85% for houses and 80% for flats).

Scheme requirements

  • We only accept scheme providers registered with:
    • the Homes & Communities Agency (in England),
    • the Welsh Assembly,
    • Scottish Housing Regulator,
    • the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE), or
    • Northern Ireland Co-Ownership Housing Association (NICHA).
  • Until the property is owned 100% by the borrower, additional lending is only available for staircasing.
  • Additional loans for other purposes, e.g. home improvement or personal expenditure, will not be available until 100% of the property is owned.
Minimum acceptable initial percentage ownership
England, Scotland and Wales 25%
Northern Ireland 50%
  • Cannot be combined with any other form of housing scheme.
  • Must be able to staircase (i.e. purchase further shares) to 100% ownership.
  • Within a Shared Ownership lease/agreement:
    • a minimum tranche condition may be applied. If this condition is part of your client's lease/agreement, this minimum tranche must not be greater than 25%
    • there must be no minimum for final staircasing. 

For more information refer to our guide on affordable housing schemes aimed at our panel solicitors and licensed conveyancers.